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  • B. Kranstauber, R. Kays, S.D. LaPoint, M. Wikelski & K. Safi (2012) A dynamic Brownian bridge movement model to estimate utilization distributions for heterogeneous animal movement. Journal of Animal Ecology, 81: 738–746.
  • Rowcliffe JM, Carbone C, Kays R, Kranstauber B. & Jansen PA. (2012) Bias in estimating animal travel distance: the effect of sampling frequency. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 3: 653-662.
  • Rowcliffe JM, Carbone C, Jansen PA, Kays R & Kranstauber B. (2011) Quantifying the sensitivity of camera traps: an adapted distance sampling approach. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2: 464-476.
  • Kranstauber B, Cameron A, Weinzerl R, Fountain T, Tilak S, Wikelski M & Kays R. (2011) The Movebank data model for animal tracking. Environmental Modelling & Software 26: 834-835.
  • Kays R, Tilak S, Kranstauber B, Jansen PA, Carbone C, Rowcliffe M, Fountain T, Eggert J & He Z. (2011) Camera traps as sensor networks for monitoring animal communities. International Journal of Research and Reviews in Wireless Sensor Networks 1:19-29.
  • Dechmann DKN, Kranstauber B, Gibbs D & Wikelski M. (2010) Group hunting a widespread reason for sociality in bats? PLos ONE 5:e9012.
  • Galvez D, Kranstauber B, Kays RW & Jansen PA. (2009) Scatter hoarding by the Central-American agouti: a test of optimal cache spacing theory. Animal Behaviour 78: 1327-1333.

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