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Mariëlle van Toor


Curriculum vitae:

2011: M.Sc. Biological Sciences "Ecology and Evolution", University of Konstanz

2009: B.Sc. Biological Sciences, University of Konstanz

Research interests:

The interactions of animals with their environment brought me into the modelling of species distributions, and I want to continue this work for my PhD. I'm mainly interested in intraspecific variation in habitat use, and would like to push species distribution models into a temporal dimension. My aim is to link environmental dynamics to seasonal shifts in habitat use, or to life-history stages and see whether we can actually predict large-scale movements using these time-informed models.

Highlight publications:

van Toor ML, Hedenström A, Waldenström J, Fiedler W, Holland RA, et al. 2013. Flexibility of Continental Navigation and Migration in European Mallards. PLoS ONE 8(8): e72629.

van Toor, M. L., Jaberg, C., and Safi, K. (2011). Integrating sex-specific habitat use for conservation using habitat suitability models. Animal Conservation, 14: 512-520.

Contact Details
Marielle van Toor
Max Planck Institute for Ornithology
Am Obstberg 1
78315 Radolfzell
Tel: 0049-7732-1501-15
University of Konstanz
78457 Konstanz
Tel: 0049-7531-88-4940