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Marco Smolla

Research Assistant

Curriculum vitae:

2012 - : Max Planck Institute for Ornithology. Research assistant. Creating an open source R package for movement analysis
2012: University of Konstanz. Research assistant. Project on "Nest-temperature regulation in Bombus terrestris colonies"
2011 - 2012: MSc in Biology “Brood-temperature regulation in bumblebee colonies”

Research interests:

I am fascinated by integrated systems. Biology is full of such systems. In contrast to central database units (i.e. computers) self-organized colony-level behavior is based on distributed knowledge. In my Diploma-thesis, I want to understand how collective behavior emerges in groups (colonies) consisting of many subunits (workers) without the presence of a central unit, which allocates tasks. With these questions in mind, I am exploring brood-temperature regulation in bumblebee colonies (Bombus terrestris).


Highlight publications:

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Contact Details
Marco Smolla
Max Planck Institute for Ornithology
Am Obstberg 1
78315 Radolfzell
Tel: 0049-7732-1501-15
University of Konstanz
78457 Konstanz
Tel: 0049-7531-88-4940
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