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Computational Ecology Lab

Computational Ecology is an interdisciplinary research field that aims at understanding complex ecological and evolutionary processes. The research is based on, preferably, large amounts of empirical data and relies on advanced computational methods, mathematical and statistical models with the aim to better describe and understand what characterises ecological processes. The projects in our lab are embedded in three areas: "movement ecology", "biodiversity and conservation"  and "macroevolution".

This video exemplifies some of the work the CE lab is regularly doing to relate movement to the environmental conditions. The line is a track of a migrating gull that was fitted with a GPS-Satellite tag. Remote sensing information was used to reconstruct the landuse coverage that the gull crossed on its way South, as well as a digital elevation model showing the elevation. Finally, a global wind model was used to reconstruct the wind conditions along flight. Can you see how ground speed and wind direction and wind speed are related?